Help with 1996 s10 v6 4.3l

Please if anyone can tell me what i need to do to solve this issue. I am uploading plenty of pictures and will upload more if needed.https: //

Truck is leaking Transmission fluid and oil. I am going to this weekend change
1, oil pan gasket
2. oil filter
3.Fuel Filter
4.Transmission Fluid
5.Trans pan gasket

these lines have some type of oil of them

car is leaking just sitting in driveway!

Your repair list is not going to fix all your leaks. Plus I don’t think you won’t be able to replace the oil pan gasket with the engine in the car. The front crank seal looks like it is leaking, the power steering pump or lines look like they are leaking. If the front crank seal is leaking the rear is too so the transmission needs to come out. I assume valve covers gaskets are also leaking but no pics so…

i can take more pictures aswell, thank so much for your reply!!

i did notice all my fluid from the anti freeze was empty, and the oil on the floor is pink when i clean from paper towel

This thing is leaking faster than a toddler with food poisoning. I strongly suggest you take it to the high pressure spray wash and thoroughly clean the engine compartment so you can clearly see the many, many places this truck leaks green stuff, brown stuff, yellow stuff and pink stuff.

Pictures won’t help me give you better answers.

got it ill pressure wash everything first!

It looks like you have several leaks, hard to say where it’s coming from. The hoses in the first pic are the oil cooler lines, they commonly leak. It does look like the crankshaft seal is leaking but it could be coming from above there. My S10 has a few leaks as well, it’s hard to keep up with them.

This is just food for thought. You may end up spending more than the truck is worth. But that also depends on what it’s worth to you.

Estimate cost to fix is 800, and that’s with closing all seals on trans, witch requires it to be dropped. Not all seals needed to be replaced but while the trans was off in the first place it’s like why not just close all the damn seals anyways. Plus the crack seal! Still haven’t got the price for that. Ass soon as I get everything done I will post pictures indicating where the problem occurred so that this post can be useful and helpful!

I seriously doubt after you spend 800.00 that all the leaks will be stopped on this 25 year old truck . And posting pictures will not help anyone because where the oil accumulates is not always right at the source of the leak . Besides how many owners of 1996 S10’s are going to be on this site looking for pictures of leaks.
If this thing is in really good shape then having a completely rebuilt engine installed might be a better idea. I say that because they just don’t make trucks that size anymore.

yes sir you were right its the cooler lines and crankshaft seal.

quick question there is a bolt that looks like its not all the way screwed in

That is a tapered plug, it doesn’t bottom out, just needs to be snug.

Ty sir much Apreciated.

would you guys consider deleting the cooler off the vehicle. sounds crazy how would the oil not overheat?

I wouldn’t delete them. They’re there for a reason. The 2 sets of lines are about $75 - $100 for the parts. The filter to radiator lines are easy to change. The set going to the engine block is more difficult because of the tight access. They leak frequently.

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Thank you for response. Im going to just replace them