Help!-what do I do?

My 99 toyota camry w/4cyl, the check engine lite came on and flashes, then stays on and flashes some more. I replaced the gas cap w/ a new one from Auto Zone(specific for that car) and I’ve disconnnected the battery on two different occasions to “reset the computer”- but it still comes on. I can’t take it to the dealer, I’m very money-stressed right now. Any suggestions?

Go to Autozone and have them scan the error codes - they do it for free. Write down the exact code (e.g. P0300) and post it. But don’t drive it if the light is flashing.

Also post complete info about the maintenance history of the car.

A flashing light indicates misfire. This can’t be caused by a bad gas cap. Read your owner’s manual. It tells you that if the check engine light flashes, you need to immediately seek repair. Continuing to drive with the flashing light will cause expensive damage to your catalytic converter and maybe even to your engine.

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