Help the volvodude


83 volvo 245 b21ft i’ve installed 2 new fuel pumps a fuel pump relay and still no pumps when starting what have i missed?


Pressure regulator?


This car is pretty complicated electrically speaking and I would hate to get into a wire by wire analysis of the fuel pump circuits. You might check the AutoZone website and there should be a schematic for this car listed under Repair Info.

The relays are controlled by the ECM (computer) with input from the electronic ignition module, air meter, etc.
Be sure to check ALL fuses as there is more than one involved in this circuit(s).
I don’t know how well you can follow schematics but I may be able to help a tiny bit if you get stuck on that stuff.

It’s far easier to follow than to explain; especially on a more complex one such as this. Other than a test light and VOM you may also need a good troubleshooting manual specific to Volvo. Some of those AutoZone repair pages are a bit shaky and often resemble something out of a Chiltons manual, which is probably the most worthless waste of recycled paper on earth.


The only Volvo circuit diagram I have is for a 245 turbo, it shows 2 fuel pumps and 3 relays.

2 Relays are switched by the ECM (pins 9 & 13) I think the #13 pinout is the injection pump relay, the third relay is a permanent hot triggered by the injection relay.

I’m afraid you’ll to dig your multimeter out and thoroughly test the circuit. The circuit I’ve got is attached, all I can do I’m afraid, for this type of problem, you really need to be there.