BMW not starting

Hi…I have a 1995 BMW 525i. The other day after parking it and then restarting, it cranks but won’t start. I checked the fuel pump fuse and it’s ok. I jumpered a wire on the second fuel pump relay with the car off and I heard the pump run. I replaced THAT relay but it wasn’t the issue. Do I need to replace all three relays or is it just the main I should look at. These relays are about $18 bucks a pop and I don’t want to have to replace another if that may not be the problem.

Thanks in advance!

On the fuel pump relay socket primary side, connect a 12 volt test lamp or a meter set at 20 volts. Turn the ignition switch to run so that the dash lights come on. You should see voltage at the socket for 1-2 seconds and then the voltage should turn off. If this doesn’t happen, the driver in the computer for the fuel pump relay has probably failed and the computer requires replacement.


Thanks for the quick reply, Tester…I will try that as soon as my battery is re-charged!!! lol!
I left the frikken trunk lid open last night and it drained the battery!
I’ll let you know what happens.
Thanks again!

Hey…tested on pin 87 and 30 at the main relay and no light…right pins??
Also no voltage to the fuse

Well whatdya know? I was doing some more research on the problem and found some info about aftermarket alarms causing grief. I shut all the doors, turned the alarm on, then off and started the car! Hmmmm…should probably get rid of that thing…never helped anyway! lol!
Thanks again!

The only research you have to do to find out that aftermarket alarms cause grief is ask someone that has one. OK a little exagerated.

hehehehe…no chit!!!