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Help! Rodents are eating my engine!

I have a 2850 square foot house in rural Mexico. Ordinarily, there would be mice; rats; scorpions; and lizards all over my house. After finding mice babies in my underwear, I started buying these.

The little ones at Home Depot etc., are useless. They simply do not have enough power.

Since we put these in, we have very little of the listed creatures. One rat in the last several years, and when we found it, he was nearly dead. One mouse who seemed to be immune to the repeller, but we have also found them dead.

We had some of them for a while, because they came in the upstairs door and down the steps. We got the upstairs room wired and added a repeller up there, which seemed to help.

One day I was reading by the open door and a lizard came running in. A few feet from the first repeller it froze, and I bopped it with my shoe. Our builder said he had found them dead in almost that exact position before.

I do not know if it works on squirrels or rabbits, though. You might check that out before you buy. The problem is you will have to plug and unplug it every night.

I forgot to say, the figures on area covered are usually wrong. They said like 2 for our whole house and we were up to 8 before the pests dropped off.

they do not work on spiders.