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Rats Under the Hood

Some fruit rats have taken over my van! They have deposited their droppings, chewed up the harness so that wires were exposed and nibbled on the covering around the battery. It looks as if they are planning a nest in there! I have had the repairs done but now the problem is - how to keep them from coming back??? I do not have access to a garage. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Rat poison. Put some poisoned bait in a metal cup or small tin can secured to something under the hood. Remove it every morning and store it someplace safe (you don’t want to kill dogs, cats, or children). They’ll eat it and go looking for water. Eventually, they will die, hopefully far away from your van.

I have posted many times on this problem. In my house in rural Mexico, I have 5 powerful ultrasonic insect repellers, electronic devices which produce ultrasonics for the purpose of deterring the presence of those creatures which can hear those frequencies.

They are sold at the chain lumber yards, (Home Depot; Lowes) at least the last time I checked, though in Mexico they have more power.

Since we turned them on we have had one mouse in the house, and we found it dead. My underwear drawer used to be a mouse nursery.

We have seen it “freeze” poisonous lizards, and our builder has found them lying dead in front of the apparatus.

We used to find a scorpion one a week. Now, we find maybe one a month, but usually by the second door, not inside with the ultrasonics.

The catch would be that you might have to put the thing in every time when you park, because I am not sure the apparatus will tolerate engine compartment temperatures.

I think that placing the device near the van would be good enough, and it could be powered with 120 VAC.