Help Please!

this site has a Mechanics File somewhere, I ve heard good things about it, maybe there is someone in there near you.

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Sorry to hear of the tales of woe @badwolf147. From what you stated about the problem I would also have to agree with the others that think there is a broken timing belt causing the issue. One simple way to check that is to do a compression check, if you can’t easily see the timing belt. If the head of the bolt you refer to on the cover for the belt is stripped there are special tools made to remove bolts with stripped heads. They are like a tapered socket that are designed to grip the head. The more you turn it counterclockwise the tighter it grips the head of the bolt.

Another way to check the belt is to look in the oil filler. You may be able to see some part of the cam. If you can, check if it moves when you try and start. No movement = broken belt.

Ok, so here’s the deal. Probably is the timing belt, and the crankshaft pulley bolt will not come off or break loose. Is it supposed to go clockwise or counterclockwise. (what am I doing wrong?)

well, I ve only undone that bolt once, on a big V8, but I had to use an impact gun, and it was still tough to get it to break loose…

Ok, thanks. Any Idea which direction I’m aiming for? I have an impact gun.

To break the crankshaft bolt loose you will need a pretty good size breaker bar and the proper size socket. You also need to keep the engine from turning. To remove the bolt you need to turn it CCW. Some folks have broken loose the bolt by placing the wrench on the bolt and supported the wrench against something firm to work against the direction of the way engine turns and then use the starter to crank the engine. Be sure to disable the ignition if you use that trick.

i personally would never do as cougar suggested as far as using the starter and engine to break loose the bolt. I value my vehicle and my life too much. a breaker bar might work tho. bracing the engine so that it does not turn may not be easy to do without damaging something however

I had an old school mechanic show me the method @Cougar talks about, and have used it for many years with great success. And by used it, I mean maybe 10-12 imes in the last 15 years.

yeah but if the wrench breaks…

especially if you don t have top quality tools

I figured out another way to do so… but my timing is all fine, and the belt is in place with no cracks… i’m stumped.

Looks like starter motor or broken teeth on the flywheel are the next best bets in my book. If a manual can you clutch start it? otherwise if you can rotate the engine to move the flywheel to try and start is an option.

busted knuckles mentioned the crank sensor in an earlier post…

perhaps the starter gear is not engaging…

could it have just jumped timing???

come on you real mechanics, jump in here…

Ok, so the belt is not moving when I move the pulley… the Distributor is not moving either… It’s like it’s locked. Its an automatic unfortunately. My dad took a look, he’s been a mechanic since before I was born, but works at a hospital now. He’s stumped as well… I’m not sure what the next step is… Glad I got to try it today instead of waiting another day.

P.S. If I had any proposals I wouldn’t be looking to marry a mechanic. :blush:


“so the belt is not moving when I move the pulley”

Are you saying the timing belt is not turning when you manually bar over the engine?

“the Distributor is not moving either”

The distributor is typically driven off of the camshaft

If the timing belt is busted, the camshaft will NOT move when you manually bar over the engine. Therefore, the distributor will also NOT move

Sounds to me . . . based on your observations . . . like the timing belt may be busted


Ok, so the belt is not moving when I move the pulley… the Distributor is not moving either…

The timing belt can be mostly intact with just the teeth that should be in contact with the crankshaft cog torn off. The belt looks pristine, but doesn’t move when the crank is turned. That would, in turn, keep the distributor from turning.

If the distributor is not turning the timing belt is broken.

Now lets get back to that bolt that you are having trouble with.

Your engine is transverse under the hood and that timing cover would be behind the Rt Front tire.
Jack up the car, remove the tire and look to see if you can get at that bolt from there. There may be a plastic wheel well cover that would need to be removed.
If the head of the bolt is rounded off there are sockets with a reverse spiral inside. The problem here, is that you have to drive those onto the head of the bolt, not hard but it does have to be tapped onto the bolt head.

Let us know, is the bolt head rounded or the bolt is just too tight to remove.


It is the crankshaft pulley bolt. I took the car mostly apart already, all that is taken off… Just need to keep trying that bolt… it is too tight to move but I think making the tool to keep the crankshaft from having any movement at all will help. I’ll keep you posted, thanks for all the help!

Remove the inspection cover from the front of the transmission and lock the ring gear in place with a large screw driver or pry bar when loosening the crank bolt.

Its about kaput,do youurself a favor and find something else.