Help please: Is replacement DS3 exhaust still too low?


Hi. My wife bought a used DS3 and we recently noticed the exhaust was hanging very low. Arnold Clark replaced the exhaust as the car is still under their 2 month warranty, but it still looks odd to me. The tail pipe doesn’t fit within the circular gap in the bodywork, which it is presumably meant to do. Could anyone advise if this has been fitted incorrectly or if the design just looks out? Any help much appreciated.


it should look like this. the pipe is 2" but the tip is 5". hipo you know


Looks wrong to me. You could get an opinion from an independent muffler shop.
This is the only picture I could find.


That looks like an inexpensive aftermarket muffler, a higher quality unit would have the outlet in the proper location.


I assume that ’ Arnold Clark ’ is the dealer you purchased vehicle from in what ever country you are in. They probably just put on a muffler just to get it back on the road as cheap as they could. To make it look right you will just have to visit a muffler shop and have it done correctly.


As long as it works I wouldn’t worry about it.