1999 Acura CL - Exhaust noise

I recently had a new muffler assembly installed for the second time. The firs one seemed a little too noisy. This second one is still troaty. The original one that I hd for 21 years was always a little throaty but the Walker replacement is louder. Why is that? I was told that replacement plarts are not the same as the original that came with the car.

You may have an exhaust manifold leak.

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Why is what? You bought a cheaper after-market muffler that is not the same as OEM so yeah they may sound different and may have a lighter gauge sheet metal too. Plus I believe the warranty for replacement Acura exhaust systems is life-time. I may be wrong but I think that’s what I read in the owners manual. So I guess you just get what you pay for.

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The Lifetime Limited Warranty is for the muffler only.

This Warranty Does Not Cover Labor cost for removal and replacement if the defective muffler was not originally installed by an Acura dealer. Other parts of the exhaust system, including pipes, gaskets, hangers, clamps, or other mounting hardware. The original equipment muffler, or any muffler installed while the New Car Limited Warranty is in effect. The cost of parts or labor for any additional repairs associated with replacing the warranted muffler.'


You were told correctly. You might be the only CL owner has ever posted that your car was too loud. Most posts like yours are from folks who want them louder.

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So you have to pick your places and warranties, local muffler guy, lifetime on muffler, after 7 years needed to get replaced, got dinged for $2.30 for a new u clamp.

In my experience an exhaust manifold leak sounds different, versus a noisey muffler

Just speaking from anecdotal experience. Bud and daughter both had a bad exhaust maifold in the last five years, sounded like a bad muffler until you pinpoint the location.