Is this an appropriate exhaust hanger replacement?

The muffler/exhaust hanger ( on my Ford Focus rusted and detached. The rubber hanger itself is intact, but the connection to the muffler rusted through. Could I use this: hanger as a replacement, or do I need something like this: ? The exhaust pipe is 2" diameter, by the way. Thanks!

I’d use the second one. It will fit up better and use the factory rubber isolator. You may have to fiddle with the placement of the clamp and the the hook a bit to make it fit, hence the “universal” part. You may even have to bend the hook a bit if it is a bit too short. You don’t need to crank the daylights out of the clamp nuts on the rusty pipe. Just tight enough so it doesn’t move around.

I agree with Mustangman. You may have to fiddle, but you can make it work. Sometimes an original or exact replacement isn’t available. I’ve used lots of alternative hangers, from an old clothes hanger to wire fence. Just play around with it, you’ll get it. Rocketman

If you plan to keep the car for a few years,use the stainless hanger. Otherwise, use the cheap one.

Is the exhaust pipe as rusty as that hanger?

The bigger question is what does the muffler look like. If they’re as bad as the hanger in the picture, the muffer and pipe will just crumble when you try to install the new hanger.

Thanks guys. Surprisingly, the muffler and pipe are in better shape. Admittedly, they may need to be replaced eventually, but I hope that they’ll survive for another couple years. NY winters…I’ll tell ya.

In that case use whichever hanger will allow for easier installation. And take a good look at all the other hangers as well. This one being loose will have added a little stress to the others, might as well replace any others in doubt while you’re there.

Tell me about winters…here in the Seattle area we almost had snow twice this year.

Yeah, I feel for ya @asemaster. Here in Florida we thought about snow twice this year.

I used to get a laugh out of the people in the Cocoa Beach area when I went there for work. They would complain any time the temperature was below 50 for the high. I thought about how their low for the day was still higher than our high for the day back home in the Baltimore/DC area.