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Help on chip and dent insurance

Hey guys just need a bit of advice ive bought a 5 month old fiesta active and it sits in a car park all day whilst im at work, as you know chips and dings happen :pensive:, has anyone had chip and dent insurance and recommend anyone, was looking at car2cover.

Many thanks for the help

Apparently you are in the UK and most of the regulars here are in the US . What you are asking about is sometimes called Gap Insurance . Why not just see if you can park as far away from other people first. I doubt if anyone will see your post that has experience with Car2Cover ( assuming you are not post as a sales ploy ).

Chips and dents are easy to repair. A little bottle of matching touchup paint will take care of the chips and paintless dent removal (PDR) the dings. Very inexpensive compared to the fill, sand, and paint repairs. I assume you have PDR in the UK.

I can touch up paint, I can afford the lost cost PDR repairs ($100 or so) when they occur so I would not pay for chip and ding insurance.

Gap insurance, also offed by this company is a different product altogether. Might be wise if you did not make much of a down payment on the car.

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One of the docs at work after he retired so got his parking stall pulled had to park in a more confined area when he did contract work. He had about a 20’ piece of cardboard he would hang on the sides of his car for the people that would slam their doors into his new Olds. It looked a little weird but did the job and was a clear signal to others to not bang into his car.

For some people it would be a challenge to see just how well the cardboard worked .


Just go to a PDR( paintless dent repair) shop around your area. Since that type of service was developed in Europe, there must be countless shops around your area that can offer this service.For the small chips,grab a bottle of touch up paint matching your paint color.

More likely to see that sort of insurance on a lease, if you plan to return the car at the end. There are all kind of dealer insurance plans such as tire/wheel insurance so may be similar. Just have to hope the company actually pays out.

Live with it: it doesn’t affect a car’s performance.

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