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Help! Nissan Altima 2000 wont start!

I need help figuring out this problem. I was driving to work in the morning and while on the freeway my rpm wouldnt go above 2rpm and it was flickering just above 2rpms and that has never happen so i decided to get off at the nearest exit & while i was going on the offramp my car shut off. I tried starting it again but it just cranked and eventually just clicks now. I got a new battery and it cranked but started clicking again. I replaced the fuel pump also. No start. Radio, headlights and everything else works not sure what the problem could be. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thank you if you need any more details comment and ill be happy to reply

A bad crankshaft position sensor will cause the engine to shut off and not restart.



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And after you replaced the battery and it “just cranked and started clicking” again, it simply means you ran down the new battery trying to start the car.

I have no check engine light or no other lights on are you sure it would be that

I can’t tell you how many vehicles I’ve had towed to the shop with a stalling/no start condition because of a bad crank sensor.

And the Check Engine light never turned on.


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Just changed it and still does the same thing had the battery charged up also

What is clicking and how many clicks per second?

Not sure i just try starting it up and it clicks one time only but i charged the battery and now it just cranks

How long has the “Low Fuel” light been on?

There is no light at all