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Help needed

I have 2 issues that don’t seem complicated although I maybe wrong.

1) When I switch the gear to “D” the green light doesn’t comes on, this happened recently as earlier it was working fine. All other settings are fine. Is there a separate bulb for each setting?

2) The front Air flow control doesn’t work on the first 2 settings but works fine on 3 & 4. What could be wrong?

Is it possible to fix these errors at home or do I need to take it to the mechanic?

There is a separate bulb for “D” and replacing the burned out bulb isn’t easy or cheap. Just get used to no light means your are in D and drive on.

The air flow control could be something simple, a disconnected hose, or a problem with the control unit. Perhaps an AC specialty repair shop would be a good place to go to have it checked out.

The airflow issue sounds more like a failing blower speed resistor to me.

That D light is also your transmission fault indicator, so if you decide not to replace it (I wouldn’t replace it either) make sure you keep up on your tranny checks - -check the fluid from time to time to be sure it’s the right color, and smells right, and be cognizant of the transmission’s behavior.

The blower fan is typical failure mode. The slowest setting goes first then #2 … to high. I don’t know how easy it it to get to on your car. Generally it is not all that expensive, but we don’t know what make model and year car you have. That would help.

It’s in the tag, 2002 Honda Odyssey mini-van.