Help! Need to replace wheel rims. OEM? Replica? Different? Where? Who? Tire pressure meter?

If this makes a difference regarding a concern about suspension, that section of curb is HIGH. It’s not like the demure curb along the rest of the street.

It’s just a few feet where it juts out. And It’s a different color, much whiter, i.e. construction is not integral with the rest of the block.

you are in a time crunch also. you do have 1 spare. look on craigs. look on fb marketplace. easy to find honda wheels that fit and have tires. usually cheap. exact matches are hard to find. a set of 4 tires/rims for $250 is easy. or buy 2. use them for 1 day. 1 month till you find the exact wheels. then sell them. or pay a lot to tire store now to get going. your call

Whether USAA will cover your accident or not depends on your coverage. You can read your policy that they sent you or call them, explain the situation, and see what they cover. Remember to check the deductible, you are always responsible for that. Also, if the curb really is a road hazard, contact the city (county, state) road authority and complain. Maybe they will cover it. The worst that can happen is that the city or USAA will say no. You are guaranteed the answer is no if you don’t contact them.

Keep it simple. 4 used oem wheels obtained from wrecked Pilots. You can be pretty sure that’s gonna do the job and not introduce unexpected problems. Besides a salvage yard or recycler source, another possibility is your local Pick-n-Pull. This outfit is has small recycler lots spread around, each with maybe a couple hundred wrecked cars. The idea is to first check if they have the make/model/year on blocks, then you just drive there and remove the part yourself. Google will find their website, and from that the closest one to you, and that lot’s current wrecked-car inventory.

Easier to just let the tire shop find the wheels, but if they can’t or won’t, this is an alternative that’s pretty diy’er friendly. They have a computer system that will tell you every make/model/year of vehicles that use the same wheels. So you may be able to find the wheels you need even if they don’t have your exact car.

Really, the first thing to do is contact your insurance agent. If you have full coverage, which includes collision insurance, they will cover it minus the deductible. They will pay to restore the vehicle to pre accident condition, including needed wheels and suspension repairs.

Judging by your description of the accident, you should only need one wheel and one tire, unless you have AWD nd the tires are more than a quarter worn down, that is the tread depth is less than 6/32", then you need 4 tires and one wheel.

You need to read your accident forgiveness, especially if your deductible is higher or near the amount your repair costs. It could turn out you lose your Good Driver Discount or the Good Driver Credit and still not collect one red cent. If I lost me Good Drive Discount it would take 9-years to get back to the discount I enjoy today which is 25%. I have not checked it, but if memory serves. I would have to have no-reportable accidents for 3-years to get a 10% discount, then another 3-years to get to 15%, and a final 3-years to get back to 25% (if it’s even still offered…).