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Replace one tire?

So one of the tires on my 2015 Prius got a large piece of metal lodged into it. I took it in a my local tire place to get it patched and it turns out that the hole was too big to repair. It was a wide hunk of metal for sure.

Anyway, in a pinch, needing to get into work I purchased a used tire for $30 and now I am regretting it. It is the same size but different brand and speed rating. Tread wear (the other three have 20k) were similar but I already noticed the car was pulling a bit (unless it is in my head?).

So, I am thinking about replacing the tire again ($30 not too big of deal) and am wondering whether I should replace just one tire or do I need to replace at least two? Also, their are more economical tires that the OEM’s (Yokahama) so if I did replace two tires, would be it okay to replace with a different (cheaper) set so long as they stayed on the same axle?

So, save money and keep the used tire? Spend some money but not as much and by a single OEM tire? Spend more money but not the most and buy two new tires that are not OEM? Or spend the money buying two new OEM tires?

What shall I do? Thanks.

Yokohamas are among the least expensive brand name tires. Since these are OEM tires, they are probably about half way through their life. I would replace two tires and would get Yokohamas or another brand name tire. Tires less expensive than OEM equivalent will likely have a much shorter lifetime and may have other undesirable attributes, like noise and poor fuel economy. Since you have a Prius, you should get low rolling resistance (LRR) tires. If you don’t, your gas mileage will suffer noticeably.

Agree with @jtsanders. The used tire you put on is most likely not a low rolling resistance (LLR) tire and it causes a pull. No LRR tire is exactly like another so replacing pairs is best.

If you want to save the still-good tire that is removed just in case, store it in a cool, dark place like a basement.

I have been in similar situation and I have gotten both tires. The other thing to consider is getting all four so that you have a complete set. I always heard that the car handles better if the ties are all the same. also keep one or two of the better tires that are on the car now. this way if you need a spare, you have one.

All good points. The LRR tires that came with your Prius have a lower rolling resistance than standard tires. That means there’s more drag on the wheel with the new tire than the LRR on the other side. That’ll cause pulling.

Since the aftermarket tie you just bought is new, you could always replace the one on the other side with a matching tire. But then you’d have two tires on one end with lower rolling resistance than the two LRR tires on the other end, and that might result in weird handling too.

Or you could replace the other three OEM tires with ones that match the new one you just bought. Your mileage may drop a bit, but you might even find the handling improved.

You might replace the new tire with a LRR tire that matches the OEM tires, or even replace all four with new LRR tires.

You’ve stumbled onto one of the problems with Low Rolling Resistance tires. If you blow one, none of your options come cheap. If it were mine, I’d replace the other three with tires that match the new one, enjoy the (possibly) improved handling, and accept the reduced gas mileage.

The commercial that shows a Prius outrunning the police cars… it’s just a tad bit inaccurate! :smile:

I got LRR tires for my Accord last autumn and they were not more expensive than other, comparable tires that are not LRR.

I’d replace both tires for that axel with new ones of the same make & model as the other two, and save the other non-damaged tire w/20K in your attic in case you need it later. Or sell it on ebay or craigslist.

Basement if you can, not attic. Attics get really hot in summer.

Replace both tires for that axel–Don’t you need ice skates for an axel ?

Only in a spellling bea.

20k on a set of tires is nothing. I’d make sure the two on the front were the same and put the oddball tire on the rear.

Now, I don’t know where you are with your rotations. I stopped thrashing with the rotations a long time ago. Now I just wait until the fronts wear down about 2/3 and do ONE rotation of backs to front.

Good enough.

If you’re like me, your back tires should still be good. So just put the more worn front tire on the back with the oddball tire and drive on. You can then get a new set of four tires in another 25,000 miles or so