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Help my belts are burning!

I have a 2006 Infiniti m35x, so I started up my engine and wanted to see what kind of sound my car makes. Anyways it was somewhat cold but it was in my garage (Yes the garage door was open) the temperature gauge was somewhere near 1/4 so still pretty cold I started the engine. Gave it like 7 seconds and I know I’m really stupid for this but I started revving it. Anyways I started smelling the burning smell of the rubber. I turned of the engine immediately and one of the belts was off center, a couple hours later I tried starting it again and the smell started to come back and I assume it’s the friction of the belt since it’s not on properly. No lights on the dash or anything, I’m going to go take the belts to replaced tomorrow and hope that solves problem.

If the serpentine belt has never been replaced, it may have given up the ghost.


I think it has been replaced once before, I mean is it possible for me to just realign the belts or will they have to be replaced. Also I’m just hoping there’s no underlying issue.

Which belt(s) is it?

It’s the compressor belt that’s off center but both might be burning.

That seems simple to remove/adjust, compared to a timing belt.

Your vehicle has only one drive belt.

It’s called the serpentine belt.,2006,m35,3.5l+v6,1431824,belt+drive,belt,8900

So, either the belt has failed, or a component that the belt drives has failed.


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Here is a diagram of the belt layout my car has, as you can see it has two belts the belt on the left looks fine to me the a/c compressor belt is definitely off center and therefore rubbing and causing it to burn


Cut the compressor belt.

The compressor pulley bearing is failing.


Ok, I can cut it but then what. I was going to get it towed tomorrow and just have both the belts replaced how do you know it’s the pulley that’s failing and it’s just not the belt that’s messed up. How would even go about repairing the pulley

Yeah I guess should I try to move it on my own before I just go to get both belts replaced. I’m not a mechanic or anything so I don’t wanna screw anything up. It seems hard to even get down to that area and move things around. Also I tried just pushing it back but it waaay to tensioned around it to move. What do you think?

Look at the title of your post!

If a belt is burning up, the component it drives isn’t spinning like it should. Which would mean the compressor pulley bearing.

It sounds like the vehicle needs a new AC compressor.


Ok man but like I said the belt isn’t centered and literally half way off the things which might be why it’s burning. I’ll get towed down to the mechanic, and see what they say I really hope it’s just a belt change. I don’t know what would cause my ac compressor to just fail like that. The thing still spins

Maybe all you need is a new belt. This engine is configured the same as it came from the manufacturer new, right? Could be an AC compressor fault too. Perhaps it spins freely when not engaged, but a problem occurs when it is engaged. Has a refrigerant top off occurred recently?

So I’ll go get the belt replaced and see what the mechanic has to say, I would try to re align the belt on my own but I don’t wanna worsen any problems like I said I’m not a mechanic. I really am praying it is just the belt, that should cost around $400 to replace I think and getting it towed but replacing the whole entire ac compressor and the shop is probably gonna cost way more and I definitely can’t afford that right now. Just praying, need to get it fixed soon so I can get to work

If you are short on cash ask your shop if you can get by w/o any AC belt installed. If so you should be ok for the rest of the winter anyway.

Ok I am almost certain my ac compressor is perfectly fine definitely the belt there is zero reason why it would fail like that, the pulley still spins and everything no way it’s the problem at least I hope it ain’t. Even if it was don’t know how it would be caused by revving

It’s 13 years old. it can absolutely fail.

your a/c compressor has a clutch system on it. The outside pulley could still spin freely when the a/c compressor is not engaged, but then with the a/c on, the compressor could be spinning hard or even locked up, causing the squeal and burning.

OR, the adjustment pulley may be bad, and not holding the proper tension on the belt (the bottom idler pulley in your diagram.) If this is an automatic tensioner, then the spring could be worn out. Not enough tension will cause the belt to move around, and slip under hard accelleration- causing a squeal. Honestly, this and a new belt is what your issue sounds like to me.


Maybe a dozen or so cheap, easy, possible, but unlikely solutions need to be posted prior to posting the most likely diagnosis and sensible advice…

Someone make a note of that.

Such as? I’m getting it towed today gonna be hard cause there’s a big snow storm that hit last night. Although it should be fine gonna take to brakes plus and have them change the belt since they did it last time. What are the minor possibilities that I should check first?