1st car, burning rubber smell when i accelerate

so i own a 2010 subaru impreza 2.5 i premium. ive had it a year this october and it was use when i bought it, lately ive noticed a burning rubber smell when im accelerating hard or for a prolonged period of time…i was thinking it had something to do with the pulley by the alternator might be misaligned? bc my serpentine belt is starting to fray, or could it be the ac pulley? bc i cut my ac belt off a few months ago bc someone recomended it to help with the rough ideling i was experiencing at that time and it did help but did that lock the pulley up? this is my first car so please help

Inspect for oil leaking from the engine valve covers. Oil on the exhaust manifolds or manifold flanges will get hot enough to burn off while under load of acceleration and hills/grades.

I have always accepted the rough idle of an ageing car as long as the air conditioning was comfortable. Rather than cutting the belt, you could have just turned off the A/C. I don’t believe the A/C clutch was harmed, it could have been damaged while it was operational if the clutch was slipping, shouldn’t make an odor if the A/C is switched off.

I don’t think it’s none of that I think either my alternator might be going bad or pulling might be locked up somewhere by my alternator because like I said my serpentine belt is starting to fray Jiffy Lube told me sometime back that there was something in my engine bay rubbing up against my serpentine belt but I can’t find anything myself and you can tell the serpentine belt itself is getting hot when I drive potentially being the source of that burning rubber smell and it only happens when I accelerate or leave on the gas too long like when I drive I have to accelerate and then let go some accelerate then let go also for some reason my bill is very close to my tensioner bolt like almost rubbing up against it

You need a real shop ( Not anything like Jiffy Lube ) this can be solved .


If the serpentine belt is fraying it must be replaced, so first step, ask your shop to replace it with a new one. At the same time they can check the tensioner, it may need replacing too. On a 2010, I’d probably just replace the tensioner on a flier. Tensioners take a lot of abuse. Ask the shop to to check all the pulley’s in the belt path as part of this job, after the old belt removed, by manually turning each pulley to make sure each turns freely and not making unusual noises, no unusual amount of play in the pulley’s bearings etc.

The rough idling problem when the A/C is on is likely a different problem, engine needs some routine maintenance or problem with sticking throttle positioner are the most likely culprits. A proper scan tool diagnosis is the first step for that. Suggest to ask friends, relative, co-workers who they use to fix their cars, and from that list chose an independent (not a chain) shop, get them on-board, helping you with your car problems. Cars are indeed expensive to properly maintain, but even more expensive if not maintained.


thank you so much, so it may be a stuck pulley causing that burnt rubber smell when i accelerate too hard or for too long ? and thanks again for taking your guy’s time to respond to me haha