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2007 Beetle dash panel and headlight problems

I have a 2007 VW Beetle that has headlights that keep blowing. The dealership says it was faulty bulbs, but that seems fishy to me. I initially went in to have the passenger side daytime running light replaced in late March. Three days later the light went out again, three days after that all of the headlights were out. I took it back to the dealership, they replaced the lights and sent me on my way. 4 days ago my passenger side daytime running light went out again. I haven’t taken it in yet (I moved in January and am now 2 hours from a dealership) and would love any suggestions as to what is going on, fore warned is forearmed sort of thing.

Also, my dash panel has been “blinking” out while I’m driving. It will flat-line and then come back to life. This has been going on since January and the dealership says that they can’t reproduce it and therefore can’t diagnosis it. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thanks in advance, my warranty is up in 10,00 miles and i want to get these problems taken care of while it is still covered.

Stop by your local auto parts store. Most will check your batter and charging system for free. My guess is it is having a problem with the alternator. (Over voltage charging)

The other possible problems would be vibration water leaks or someone not making sure the lamps are totally clean.