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Passat headlights are very dim

Does anyone know how I can improve the headlights on my 2003 Passat wagon. I’ve had them checked by the dealer quite a few times but they are still pretty dim. They never were really good but they’re really bad now. They’re OK for country driving because you can use the brights, but for unfamiliar city driving they are one step above useless.

Do the outer covers look clear or cloudy?

Get the light’s voltage checked at the socket.

Take a good look at them. Does the lens look yellow? Do they look frosty? If so you are another victim of some in the design team who only care about how the car looks not how it works.

The short of it is someone convinced the government to remove or modify their safety rules for headlights so they could make they look sexier but not function as well.

If that is the problem, you may try having someone polish them with one of the products now made for this or have someone professionally refinish them, but don’t expect the new look to last, the protective cover is likely gone.

I suggest you take you car to a local auto parts store.  They likely will test your battery and charging system for you and they can take a quick look at the headlamps as well. 

Good Luck.

Thanks for the comments. I took the car to the dealership and they said that there is enough current but the bulbs weren’t doing much. They replaced the bulbs with aftermarket bulbs called XtremePlus. Much better, but of course not the really bright, far-reaching lights of other cars. More like the way they were when I bought the car. I’ll post again after I’ve had the car out on some really dark nights.