Help me diagnose why my car wont start - clues inside!

Hi, just signed up on the discussion forums hoping for some help.

I’ve got a 1993 infiniti G20 that has an intermittent start up problem. The problem has only most recently begun to occur and has happened twice in one month.

i found a video of someone with the same problem.


Could it be the starter? I think it might be fuel related? Any help is appreciated!!

Because you ask “could it be the starter” our progress will be a little slow at first but you will get some needed information.

When you say to a mechanic “my car won’t start” the mechanic immeditaly wonders “is this a crank no start or a no or slow crank?”

A “crank no start” is when the starter operates a designed but the car does not start.

A “no crank” “or slow crank” is when the starter does not operate as designed.

So I ask is this a "crank no start"or a “slow or no crank” problem?

I must add I typicaly do not “click” on links provided unless they are from known Forum members, or I just have to see what it is.

the link shows a car trying to start up, symptoms much like my own.

The electronics in the car work fine, lights dont dim when i try to crank her up. The starter sounds like its doing its job. I think it is fuel or spark related?

People at work have recommended me changing the distributor cap, ignition rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, and flex plate?? Not sure if the flex plate thing is valid. Any help? I’ve got a cap, rotor, and fuel filter on hold for me over at autozone.