1997 Infinity (Nissian) wont start

Hi. need some help. My car was working great for the whole weekend. When I went out to my car on Monday morning it wasnt starting up. All the lights and radio are coming on. When I turn the key, its not turning over to start. It seems like it is trying to start but its not turning over. I am not hearing a clicking sound when I turn the key. What you all think is the problem.

“seems like it is trying to start but its not turning over”

You need to elaborate on that since it is really hard to tell what is going on.

Assuming that it is either turning very weakly or perhaps not at all I would first pull and clean the battery terminals. Then charge the battery & see what happens.

Next time you get it running take it to an auto parts store & ask to have the battery & charging system checked.

Of course, my guesses will change depending on how you clarify your description.

Sounds like a battery. Just because you have lights don’t assume it’s NOT the battery. A starter draws a few hundred amps from a battery where as lights only draw 15-20 amps. First thing to check is the connectors. Many times the connectors are bad. Remove and clean the terminal posts…then reinstall.

thanks for your reply. i will check the connections

Thanks for your help. Its not turning at all. I can hear it trying to turn over, but the engine isnt coming on. I brought the battery back in April 2009, it may be one of the cords loose. I will check it. what do you think?

I have checked the battery connections and got a jump. It seems like it wasnt the battery. The car still isnt starting up. I seems like its tryin to start but not turning over. Wht you guys suggest.

“seems like its tryin to start but not turning over”

You still need to elaborate on that. Describe exactly what happens when you turn the key. “Turning over” means that the engine will crank and crank and crank. Is the engine cranking over normally but won’t “fire up”?

ok, when I trun the key the engine is not coming on. Its cranking over normally, but its wont fire up. All the lights, radio, fans are coming on. I hope I explain this better.

That clarifies - forget the battery (though it may get run down a bit just from trying to start it).

See this thread, as the basic steps to check things are generic:

The simple story is that you need to start by figuring out whether you’re lacking spark or fuel.

Cigroller–With all due respect, do you really think that the OP has enough automotive expertise to determine whether this is a problem of lack of spark or lack of fuel? As evidence, the OP refers to battery cables as “cords” and does not know the difference between “not starting” and “not turning over”. Telling him to do this himself is probably not going to result in anything other than confusion.

vsuboy21–There is no shame in having little automotive expertise.
At this point, you need to have the car towed to a reputable mechanic. DO NOT take the car to Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, or any other chain operation. Have it towed to an independent mechanic who has a good reputation in your area.

I’m sure you’re right - but s/he asked and I said what I would do. Aside from that everybody starts somewhere and figuring out how to find spark or fuel is pretty much as basic as it gets.

This board is full of people who really need just one piece of advice - your note to the OP is it.