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Sometimes it starts; sometimes it doesn't

Recently my car has begun NOT starting - some of the time. Sometimes it starts right up. Sometimes I have to turn the key a few times before it starts. Other times, more and more frequently, I sit in the hot Florida sun turning the key repeatedly, often for over five solid minutes.

When this happens, with each turn of the key, there is no click, no sputter, no turnover of any type. Occasionally I will hear a hum coming from underneath the hood, maybe once out of fifteen attempts. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it starts right up or when it won’t start until after 40-50 tries.

In 2006 the clutch switch needed to be replaced. As I recall the car behaved in a similar manner, however back then I had the money to take it straight to the dealer. In addition, I’m not sure if there is a correlation or if this is just a coincidence: The problem started about a day or two after my friend showed me that I could roll my windows down from outside the car by holding the unlock button down. Later that week, my key fob quit working, just for about a day, and now it’s fine. A friend mentioned that there could be something going on with the security system which might prevent it from starting.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea what this could be and roughly what it should cost to fix it.

the first thing to have your automotive buddy check dear are the battery posts and lugs. Get them cleaned and tightened. If that does not fix it, then you may well have either a defective starter, or a worn out ignition sw. (or poor connections at one of these parts). Dont overthink this one, it is a common problem. It is nice of you to tell us that the no-start is a no-crank problem, as this narrows it down considerably, so thanks, and good luck.

I woud have the key/key-fob checked as part of the security system. You also could need a new lock.

That sound under the hood could be a fuel pump and I don’t believe it is part of the problem.