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1994 Camry won't run

Hello all,

I’ve got a 1994 Camry V6 that I am swapping transmissions from automatic to manual. Before the swap, the engine ran fine and started first time every time. Now that I have everything back together, the car will take many times of 10 seconds or longer cranking to be able to start. Once it does start, it idles very high and within 15 seconds will die. If, during the time it is running, you touch the gas at all, the car instantly dies. I’ve got CEL’s for CPS and TPS. I have replaced both sensors numerous times, checking with a voltmeter they are within spec as are the wires, I have replaced the ECU and wiring harness.

I’m not sure what else the problem could be and I was hoping to get some new opinions. Let me know any other questions. Thanks!

In the days before computers this would be a simple swap. Today…the swap is a little more troublesome. The vehicle will have to have all the appropriate hardware and software from a manual shift vehicle. I don’t think Camry made many standard shift models so finding everything may be more of a problem than you first realized. Someone with more knowledge may be able to provide a shortcut to swapping from automatic to manual. I just want you to know that this will not be an easy DIY project. Good luck.


If I understand this correctly, your car originally had an auto, now it’s got a stick

That may be a huge part of your problem

The engine control module is NOT the same for auto and stick shift cars

And the wiring harness is quite likely also not the same. There are quite a few sensors and switches that an auto camry has, which a stick camry does not

I’ll assume you did NOT have any of these problems before the trans conversion from auto to stick

If that is the case, you might have to find an engine control module for a 1994 stick V6 Camry, and possibly a harness

You might also want to talk to someone who’s already done the “conversion”

Thanks for the response. I do have all the necessary hardware and software, as well as figured out the proper electrical hacks. This is not my first time performing such a swap, it’s just my first time doing it unsuccessfully :wink:

Hmm, I got new cps, tps, PCM, wire harness, new “software”, have done this before, but motor won’t run? Dang, u sound pretty knowlegeable, but are having issues. We say it probably won’t work, but u say it should. Pretty hard for us, who are not there, to figure out what is wrong.

I suspect that the fuel is getting cut off for some reason, maybe a shut down circuit possibly. See if you can keep the engine going for a little bit by spraying some starter fluid into the intake when it starts to die.