Help. Is my car write off?

Help my insurance wont pay out on an accident I had. I don’t know if my car repairable or write off. Advice e please

Why won’t your insurance approve a claim. And only a repair facility can give a estimate that means anything. That can’t be done by pictures over the web.

Probably repairable. When body shop evaluates the damage and you get the estimate, then you can determine if the cost is worth it.

As far as your insurance, are they saying it is totaled? Or are they refusing the claim itself? Out of curiosity, if the latter is the cas, what were their stated reason?

So we don’t even know what make, model or year the car is and you want us to tell you if the car is totaled. Sorry, no way to asses this with what you’ve told us. The picture isn’t particularly helpful.

Yep, a body shop will give you an estimate complete with a parts list. Then you can compare that to the value of the vehicle and go from there. I don’t know why insurance would not pay a claim and the information provided is zip, however if them did not have collision coverage and ran the car into a tree, I can see where that would not be covered.

Even if the frame is bent, it can probably be straightened for that type of collision, but you’re only showing a fraction of the car and a fraction of the damage.

What’s the year, make, model, and mileage of the vehicle?

What’s up with the insurance company not covering the collision? Is it because you don’t carry collision insurance and the collision was your fault?

We cannot tell from just looking at a picture. Note that in a frontal collision both airbags will need to be replaced. That often adds so much that it’s a write-off.

Make model and year will help. The standard procedure is to send the car to a body shop and have it properly appraised as to what a repair would cost.

I once saw a Mustang with just a small dint in the front bumper and a repair estimate of $6000 since the airbags had to be replaced.

Did they declare it a total loss and refuse to repair it? If that’s the case, you probably get the fair market value of the car as long as you have met the requirements of your policy. That means wearing your seatbelt, paying on time, and a few other things customers have to do. I don’t know you or your circumstances. That’s why I brought it up. I’m not accursing you of anything.

Given the paucity of information that was provided by the OP, it isn’t possible to give an authoritative responsel

Not always . . .

It depends on the force of the impact, and if certain thresholds were exceeded

In some scenarios, the etrs deploy, but the airbags don’t, because they weren’t needed

And if an airbag deploys, only the ones that are needed will deploy. If the srs module detects nobody in the passenger seat, that airbag will not deploy.