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Help! Is it a loss?!

I got into a collision on Friday going about 55 on the highway when it came to a dead stop and I slammed into the back of another jeep. My airbags deployed (four of them). Radiator fluid gushed out and my driver side door was very hard to open. It’s a 2016 with 13k miles.

It’s not a loss.

The vehicle is too new to be totaled. So your insurance company will pay to fix your vehicle, and the vehicle you rear-ended.


Without any pictures, we can’t guess as to the cost of repairs

In any case, your insurance agent is the next person to talk to . . . you did notify them, yes?

After that, an adjuster will check out your vehicle and he’ll start an estimate, as to the cost of repairs

Being that it’s only a year old, the vehicle still should have high value. That said, if the cost to repair approaches a certain threshold, it might be very well be declared a total loss. Cost to repair could be less than the value of the car and it’s still declared a total loss, it happens quite frequently. If the adjuster feels that attempting a repair will open up a never ending can of worms, he’ll be inclined to just total it and save everybody an ongoing headache. With some repairs, an initial estimate is given, the go ahead to repair is given, and the more you get into it, the more expensive it gets, at which point the insurance says “We should have totaled it right from the start”

Repairs add up quickly, it’s obviously many hours of labor to repair, thousands of dollars in parts, etc. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s $10K in damages, if not more. That is a complete guess, mind you

Hope for the best, expect the worst :neutral_face

I certainly hope nobody was hurt. Even so, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the people take your insurance to the cleaners, for literally all they can get. Some people view accidents as a payday, and profit handsomely from them, even though they walked away without so much as a scratch. I know several people who’ve enrichened their checking accounts generously by finding a “less than honest” doctor to invent all sorts of non-existent conditions, as a result of the accident.

By the way, if this happens, I believe your insurance is not obligated to tell you that they paid out for such damages. My brother rearended a car at walking speed several years ago. The car he hit literally showed no damage whatsoever, yet everybody in that car walked away with tens of thousands of dollars. He found out by complete coincidence.

We contacted insurance right away. I know that it’s about 75% repair before total. The car is worth about $16-$18k. Just looking at a ball park. Adjuster comes out Tuesday and I’m the worst when it comes to waiting!

I think you’d better be prepared for a total loss

If so, do you have “gap insurance” or whatever it’s called . . . I’ve known a few people that totalled their nearly new vehicles, and the insurance paid out less than the cost to actually replace the vehicle, thus there was a gap

The car is at a body shop at the moment, I presume?

Yes! We never purchase without GAP it’s at the wrecker service.

You’re smart

If it gets totalled, you’ll be glad you bought gap

Who’s responsible for any possible storage fees at the wrecker yard? I’ve never had a car stored at a wrecker yard, but I know the daily storage fees can be quite steep, and add up rapidly . . .

Insurance is covering that and rental car

Does your insurance policy have First Accident Forgiveness?

Because if it doesn’t, your insurance rates can go through the roof.


Yes they do! First ever accident in the 11 years I have been driving.

Lucky you!


THANKS TO THIS BOARD i LEARNED ABOUT GAP INSURANCE, 5 BUCKS A MONTH i THINK, I did not know about it before and am glad I have it now. I would expect your jeep is totaled.

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I’m pretty sure I received most of the injuries. My airbags were the only ones deployed. Airbags burns to the arms and legs and whiplash. But the other person left by ambulance just to get checked out so I can’t say for sure if they had any issues.

Since you didn’t need an ambulance ride yourself, I hope you’ll be fine . . .

that’s more important than any car

In Los Angeles that type of accident could be called a 405. Somewhere north of Wilshire Blvd. I wish I had finished this posting by saying it happens on the southbound lanes near the top of a hill. Not every day but a lot.

Every tuesday evening, I have a meeting. I take the 405, and exit on Wilshire :slight_smile:

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If you are in a no fault state, medical should be paid by one’s own insurance not yours alone. Vehicle damage is different though.

Whether or not it is a total depends on what is under the hood. Obviously the radiator and air conditioning but if there is not great damage to the structure under the hood where the fender mounts, it should be able to be repaired no problem. In my view anyway, but you really need a body shop estimate.

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