Help installing dorman intake on 4.6 mustang gt 1998

I need help with installing a new intake which is a dorman on a 4.6 1998 mustang GT because the old intake was cracked whenever I tighten the bolts down in sequence the intake is not lining up properly for the injection ports so I could only imagine how the ports on the bottom of the intake are not lining up properly, what

should I do to fix this? The intake is for a 98 GT non pi and I’m pretty sure my heads are non pi so what could I possibly be doing wrong? The intake comes with the gaskets pre installed so I’m assuming there is no need for rtv or silicone of any kind

Does the old intake match up to the new one? I don’t see how you could really mess the alignment up unless you tried to stick it on there backwards or the intake was hitting something keeping it from sliding in position. No rtv on the plastic, I’m not certain on the aluminum part (thermostat housing and crossover). If there’s a rubber gasket, no rtv.

My dad had to replace his on his 5.4. Pretty common issue. You’ll probably find a bunch of YouTube videos that might help. Good luck, maybe someone who’s done this will chime in. I’m not a Ford guy.

match it up to the old one. they might of sent you the wrong part. there could be variations with different year vehicles with the same motor. make sure the gaskets are seated the properly.

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May be tough to figure out without hands on. You say you are “pretty sure”. That does not mean positive.

How does it look alongside the original? And since the car has some age on it who knows; maybe the engine or heads have been changed out at some point in the past. My assumption, right or wrong, is that you are not the original owner of the car.

Maybe do some casting decoding?

Ok4450’s post got me thinking about the “pretty sure” part.

I did a little reading on the P.I. heads on the 4.6 gt. Apparently 1998 and before, the 4.6 received non P.I. heads and intake. 1999 and up got P.I. heads and intake. I imagine it’s quite possible your car got the P.I. heads and intake if it was a late build 1998 or possibly it’s a 1999 model with a 1998 build date. I think we’re back to needing to look at the new and old intake and make sure they’re the same part.

Reminds me of that commercial with Tracy Morgan. “I’m pretty sure he just needs a ride to the airport”, as a guy wearing a hockey mask and holding an axe stands in the distance. :thinking:

Dorman isn’t known for their precision. See if your auto parts store has a different one to trade with, or go for a higher quality brand of intake.

Not all that likely. 1999 was a refresh year/mild redesign. One of the key upgrades was the P.I. heads and intake on the 4.6L SOHC and the split-port heads on the 3.8L V6. The visual differences between the 1998 Mustang and the 1999 are pretty noticeable. With that said the 1999 Mustang GT was the only year to get the “Windsor” 4.6L SOHC, all other New Edge Mustangs got the “Romeo” 4.6L SOHC. Mostly the same engine but there are some differences and some parts between the two versions don’t interchange.

It’s possible the OP got the wrong intake manifold either he ordered the wrong one, or was sent the the wrong one.

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You, sir, are a Ford fountain of knowledge.

We’re back to needing to compare the new intake to the old one, though. Side by side pics would be nice. But we may never know. With the info you provided, I’m wondering if the Dorman unit needs a little persuasive massaging, or if it’s just altogether the wrong part.

I haven’t owned a Ford for any length of time since I got rid of my last Fox body Mustang, years ago. I’d like to have another. I think they’re destined to be a classic. They’ve all been wrapped around light poles or modified at this point. Mine was an 89 GT, 5 speed. Vermillion red, I think they called it, over gray with the turbine wheels. Man, that was a great car.