Help identifying sunroof mounting part 2002 Chevy Prism

Hi Folks,
I’ve struck out identifying this part. It is the driver’s side sunvisor mounting part. It is a female part that accepts the male visor bar. It’s plastic. I cannot seem to identify the name or part number so I can then search for a replacement part. If anyone has the p/n it would sure be helpful to me. Gray if it matters. No wiring. It is for an unlit visor. The images show the other side as it looks in the car and the driver’s side with it removed. Any help much appreciated.

The assembly is called a “sun visor” and likely is not available new anymore… BUT, they are available used.

Ignore the pictures, take note of the description… drivers side gray seems to fit the bill.

Ebay as well… a Prizm is just a Corolla with a Chevy badge…

Super helpful. Thank you very much.

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