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Fan issue

I drive a 2002 Prism (really a Toyota Corolla with Chevy stickers). The fan will work but only on full blast. There is nothing wrong with the heater or a/c, just the fan. Chevy gave me an owner’s manual that isn’t full correct because the picture of the fuse box, isn’t my fuse box.

I just need suggestions as to what could be wrong with it.

Its probably a bad blower speed resister block on your Prizm. Its a fairly inexpensive part around $30.00

Is it feasible to have this part fixed by my father?

Sure. It should be secured to the duct work near the blower motor. Typically held by one or two screws.

Thanks alot! I appreciate your help! =)

I just bought one for my 96 Dodge Van for less than $15 but I can’t find where to put it. I think I have found it but it isn’t like the one I bought.