Help! Gauge identification

I really need your help. Does anyone know what car this dashboard belongs to? Thanks in advance.

Isn’t it your car? Why do you want to know?

Dashboard ? That is a picture of a gauge .

That pic is not much to go on, but how about this:

from an Audi Q7 (this one 2015).


It reminds me of a Honda dashboard. But I wouldn’t swear to it.

Not my car

Looks the same to me.

@Keith0844 Why are you asking and is there a prize for the correct answer.

Lol no prize unfortunately

Then why do you want to know what car it is for?

Clearly, the vehicle in question has its gas filler located on the right (passenger) side, as indicated by the little arrow next to the gas pump icon. That would seem to limit the vehicle to a German-made one, or a Subaru. There might be additional makes that place the gas filler on the right side, but I’m not aware of which ones that might be.

Unless things have changed since I owned a Honda, their gas filler is on the driver’s side of the vehicle, so the vehicle in question is not likely to be a Honda.


my 09 Focus is on the right hand side, and while the speedometer looks somewhat similar to mine (although mine tops out at either 140 or 160), the mileage display is not.

Our 2010 Volvo also has the filler on right side but I am not going to walk out to the garage to look at the gauge until a reason is posted for the question.

You can submit the picture to

Let me guess - one of your kids, or kids’ friends, posted this, and you want to know who was going 100 mph?


I think @Bugmenot has it. But don’t you think a 180 mph. speedometer is a bit…shall we say…optimistic.

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I wish all cars had a 100 mph dial plus a digital readout. One of mine has numbers every 20 mph, marks every 10 mph, and 140 mph max. What a waste of dash real estate!

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Without doubt!
But, last year we had a thread that was started by a very naive person who was convinced that there was something wrong with his car because it couldn’t achieve anywhere near the top speed of the speedometer.

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My Pontiac gas filler is on the right. Actually the gauge looks like mine but I’ve never had it to 100. 90 but not 100, but it would do it. I take that back, Pontiac gauges are red.

Why does that indicate a German made car? Didn’t we have a discussion about that once before?