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Fuel Tank Indicators

Do all cars have an indicator pointing to the side of the car where the gas cap is located? I have noticed that some HONDAS do not?

Some have a fuel icon with the handle on the icon corresponding to the side of the car that has the gas cap. I guess some manufacturers assume we are smart enough to figure it out ourselves.

I’ve noticed that. My ‘02 accord doesn’t have an indicator, like you said. However, all my friends’ cars do have one, and they drive american cars. I’ve noticed that american cars mostly have this “featurette.” Its a good implication if you aren’t familiar with the car, ie. a rental car. But if you own it, I’d hope that you could remember what side the gas cap is on…

The question concerned those of us who rent several different cars a month. Having found my gas tank the first time I filled up my personal car - I was able to find it thereafter. Only after renting cars for several years did I notice the little arrow pointing to side of the car with the gas cap. Certainly – a eureka moment if ever there was one?

If you rent a car on such a frequent basis, surely you have gotten into the habit of checking the car for damage before you drive off, right? Just make finding the fuel cap a part of your initial inspection and the problem is solved.

All fuel ports are on the left side, where the pump is when you drive in. But some are not. Those few are on the wrong side. With these cars, there will other things that are wrong, too…