Help from someone

Hi, I am looking for a person by the user name of Dustinhiebsch. He posted about a 91 firebird he was having trouble with a few years ago and I just seen it. Is there a way to see a list of user names here. I am having a similar problem with my car.

Hi @Marshkr - I don’t think @Dustinhiebsch comes around much. My best suggestion is to look up top and go into your inbox and create a private message to see if that will get to him via the e-mail address he has on file. Otherwise you might want to repost your question for others’ consideration.

@Marshkr Your best bet is to edit your thread (look for gear symbol at right ) and describe your vehicle and the problems you are having and some of the very good mechanics on this forum might be able to help.

Best bet is to just post the problem fresh here.

Is there anything WE might be able to help with?

A '91 Firebird is a comparatively simple car to repair so if you post the problem some of us might take a stab at it.

A dozen or so different causes can create a similar problem so you can’t assume the fix on the car you’re inquiring about will also fix yours.