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Excerpts from other Car Forums. Don't take them Personal

Bentley Forums

- I used the ash tray today. How do I replace it?

Camaro/Firebird Forums

- My girl slept with my brother and my wife. How can I kill 'em? btw, I have

a record and I ain’t going back.

Mustang (Chevelle )forums

-Some punk kid in a Civic tried to race me.

Monte Carlo forums

-Why do I keep getting pulled over, it ain’t stolen yo.

Civic forums

-Some punk kid in a Mustang tried to race me.

VW Bug forum

- The Save the Earth concert was a success (pics)

Yugo Forum

- When’s the last time yours ran?

Lamborghini forum

- Wind noise around 210MPH

Miata forums

- Some redneck jackass in a Chevy Tahoe just ran over my car (pics)

Chevy Tahoe forum

- Are gas prices going down any time soon?

Pontiac Fiero forum

- Just bought a new flame retardant suit (pics)

BMW 7-series forum

- Where to get service on my Rolex?

Cadillac forum

- Problems parallel parking at bingo.

Buick Forum

- Is Medicare or Medicaid right for me?

Delorean forum

- Just got back from the future and blew a head gasket. Please help. I’m

from 1985.

Crown Victoria forum

- How come people don’t never pass me on the highway?

Honda Accord forum

- Mom is giving me the car. Looking for some cheap, used 18 inch rims.

Toyota Echo forum

- Do our cars use AAA or AA’s?

Ferrari forums

- Need suggestions about a business trip to Columbia. Want to get in and out


Porsche forums

- Tire just went flat. Is it best to trade or sell the car myself?

Saturn forums

- Roman candle landed on my fender. Melted and need to replace.

Jaguar forum

- Is the carbon fiber dash kit group-buy still on?

Mercedes forum

- My wife and her stink hole lawyer are trying to ruin me in divorce court.

How do I get them both killed and not get in trouble with my medical board?

Mini forum

- Just flipped the Cooper after seeing The Italian Job. Suing the movie

company. (pics)

Dodge Viper forum

- I frightened myself on the way home from work yesterday. How to get pee

stains out of the leather?

McLaren F1 forum

-Some punk kid in a F16 tried to race me.

Dodge Minivan forum

- Where’s the best place to post the soccer schedule so I don’t forget where

I’m supposed to be?

Hummer forum

- Had a fender bender today. 24 hurt, 10 killed. Do I have to get the

black touch-up paint from the dealer? He’s 25 miles away. That’s $35 in gas.

Fiat forum

-Hello? Am I the only member?

Subaru WRX forum

- I hate cops. Got ticketed for drifting in the Walmart parking lot.

Chevy pickup forum

- How do I git the dried tobacco juice stains off the side of mah


SRT Forums

“Will this void my warranty”

RX7 Forums

- 13B Groupbuy full, stop PM’ing me.

DSM Forums

-Transmission Groupbuy Full stop PM’ing me

Supra Forums

-Head to big to fit in car, should have bought a Targa.

Vette Forums

-Why did I pay $50k for something with a Cavalier steering wheel

Ford 2.3 forums

-Help! Replaced everything, still doesn’t start


I really enjoyed that, Mike.

Humoruos reading. Good one MIKE.

Good one Mike! I actually had a boss one time who seem to trade cars when the ashtrays were full! During the brief time (a little over 2 years) I worked for him, he had a Corvette, Alfa Romeo, Nissan 300 ZX, Ford Probe, Mustang, and two other cars I don’t remember.

Thanks Mike. Great stuff! I’m still laughing.

Funny Mike, however the Prius forum needs representation.

I agree!

How about:

Toyota Prius forums
-Which brand of crunchy granola is best for me and my car?

What have you got against crunchy granola?

I suggest:

Car Talk forum

  • Car won’t start?

Porsche forums

  • Tire just went flat. Is it best to trade or sell the car myself?

This seems like several of the questions we get here, only they don’t have Porsches, they have everything else.

Miata forums

  • Some redneck jackass in a Chevy Tahoe just ran over my car (pics)

Chevy Tahoe forum

  • Are gas prices going down any time soon?

The Tahoe/Hummer forums shoulda read “How do I stop getting Miatas stuck under my wheel wells?”

I think that the Crown Vic is a little off. The bigger problem is that people in front of those cars tend to slow down.

I know that I slow down whenever I see a Crown Vic in my rearview mirror!

The interstate pace car

You forgot the 4Runner:

Why won’t they accept cash for a 4Runner? All that bling around my neck shows I got plenty of money. I’m good 4 it.

I like it…

“How can I more effectively let others know that I’m averaging 3 - 4 miles per gallon better than they are?”

This list is actually at least 10 years old. But it’s been updated and cars added to keep up with the times.

Pretty funny Mike! Rocketman

Toyota Prius, the overgrown speedbump, dont rear end it or you’ll ramp. Robbie Kenevil once considered using it for a ramp to jump 14 buses. Ugly car. Incredible head room. LOL


Crown Vic forum

-Does this hat match my Crown Vic?

(Crown Vic drivers are always wearing hats)

Great one Mike!

Here is one to add:

Cartalk forums (6 months ago)
-Laws of Physics proven wrong!! Hydrogen Brown really works!