Thoughts on/Experience with 1988 Olds 98 Regency Brougham

Considering one for a highway driver for weekends, maybe light errands around town Thanks

Should be a comfortable highway cruiser. You really do like the big cars, don’t you theatreman? One nice thing about these cars is that you can buy them for next to nothing, and since they have generally been owned by older people they are usually not used very hard. Good inexpensive cars. Even with a V-8, you could buy and drive this car for years and still not spend what a new “economy” car costs.

I owned a 1990 Olds 98 Regency for several years some years ago. Nice car but a world behind the mid-1990s GMs (Buick, Olds, Cadillac). I bought it from an older gentleman who had been gentle with the car. In its prime it rode great. Some knuckleheads stole it and put the hardest 50 miles on it that they could; it was never the same. You will put some money in it to keep it up; have some set aside. The GM 3800 is a great power plant.

I’d likely still have the car had not my son not got rearended in it. It did protect him very well. He was slammed pretty good, but was unscathed. After the insurance company totaled it, I very sadly drove it to the junkyard…

I remember these from my dealership days… Not a big car at all. FWD 3.8 V6 complete with a 440T4 transmission. Decent gas mileage. The 440T4 had several upgrades we did. Most common problems we had with these back then were: Transmissions, MAF sensors and the timing chains (Mostly stripping of the cam sprockets) Good looking car with plenty of power. Wish I had one LOL…