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Help finding an old episode - my recently deceased mother called in in 1990s


My mother died suddenly and unexpectedly a couple months ago, and at her memorial service it was mentioned that she had called into Car Talk about a decade ago, around 2007.

I would really like to find this episode of Car Talk, to hear my mother’s voice again and to hear it in a positive humorous way, as she loved Car Talk and I’m sure had a great rapport with Tom and Ray.

Can anyone help me with this? The information I have is her name (Audrey Harrington), the state she was calling from (Connecticut), the time period (around 2007), the car (I believe it was a Honda Civic), and I believe she was asking them a question about brakes and why you are supposed to use only one foot for both brakes & gas and not use your left foot for the brakes and right foot for gas (to prevent you from riding the brakes, I think).

The Show Archives on the Car Talk website seem to have very limited archives.

Thank you so much,


Good morning,

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ll pass your question on to the web lackeys to see if they have more detailed info to best locate the show.


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Thank you so much Carolyn!

I think it’s great your mom got to talk on Car Talk. I hope the Car Talk staff can find the episode. I seem to remember at least one call on that subject that was on the Best of Car Talk within the last 3 years. So you may not have to go all the way back to the 2007 archives to find it.

Carolyn you are awesome!

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Interesting! Does anyone remember the various discussions we have had on that topic? And, the cable guy from NYC who was sent to driving school where he was taught he MUST drive with both feet for maximum safety.

It is way past time to teach people in a nation which is 95% automatic transmission to drive with both feet. Not only are emergency response times much shorter, but with a growing population of aging people who can lose track of where their feet are we can reduce the wrong-foot accidents.

People like Tom and Ray saw people riding the brakes, which means they are driving with two feet, And erroneously assume all two footers ride the brakes, which is nonsense. So, they made an irrational conclusion that two foot driving is bad driving.

It is not. Riding the brakes is bad driving. This sort of logic would get you an F in a high school logic course.

Most two footers do not ride the brakes, so no one notices them.

First teach at least old people to drive two footed, then teach them not to ride the brakes, and accidents drop way off by old people. Teach them when they get in the car, carefully line up the right foot on the throttle, and the left foot on the brake, before starting the motor, then do not remove them.

If the cops see someone riding the brakes, they get an order for driving school.

This sticking to obsolete practice is much like the QWERTYUIOP key board, with a 30% inefficiency for an entire planet in an information age.

This sounds very similar to a show I heard the other day. I own every back episode out there and they are all on my phone. i listen to them in the car. Let me know if you found it.