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91 corvette

we purchased this car for my son Spencer’s 17th birthday. 120k, $5000; great condition ran great. one month later he hydroplaned during rain and they had to replace the passenger-side rear suspension. Since that time the car will not run. It will turn over, but not start, or goes for a couple of minutes and then stops; floods whatever. We have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, battery, computer (ecm), distributor; next we might consider the windshield wiper! You name it we’ve done it. No one can properly diagnose this problem.

Also, how in the world do you get through to you guys, I have tried repeatedly and just can’t get through… busy, busy, busy.

thanks for your help to the masses.

mark from houston

You say: …no one has properly diagnosed this problem? You’re right. Back to bacics. Is there spark during crank? Are the fuel injectors getting signals? Does the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor pass ohm tests? How about the other sensors? Is there 12 volts to the ignition coils, fuel pump, fuel injectors?
Here are some guides for you:

Since I believe the fuel lines run there, let me suggest the fuel lines be looked at. they may have gotten kinked in the accident.

Along the same lines, the wiring harness to the pump should be checked for damage.

Ed B.

hellokit has it right. You need to figure out if you’ve got A: fuel, B: spark.

You need a fuel pressure tester and you need to check for spark. You also need to buy Spencer a big shop manual because, whew… '91 Corvette? He’s gonna need it…