Help! Code C0281 on my 08 Chevy Uplander: any way to bypass?

My ABS light was coming on due to a failing ABS switch in my right front hub assembly. Replaced that hub 4 months ago, but code fired for failing left ABS/hub, too, so I had a shop replace that one since I didn’t have the time. So both hubs were replaced. Immediately after the second hub replacement (and the codes were cleared) It started throwing the C0281 code and the warning lights for servicing the stabilitrac/ABS system are on. Mechanic said it is for “Dynamic rear proportioning performance.” I’ve also hear it could be a rear wheel speed sensor? Is there a way to just bypass the Stabilitrac system or another cheap fix? I really don’t care about the Stabilitrac, as I grew up in Maine driving in snow and feel this chevy system actually makes it harder and less safe to drive in bad weather…

C0281 indicates the DRP has been disabled due to other faults detected. You should have other fault codes showing.

One of the following conditions exists:

•Another DTC has set that fails the DRP.
•Two wheel speed sensor DTCs on the same axle set.

This DTC is for information only. As an aid to the technician, this DTC indicates that another DTC exists that fails DRP

What’s DRP stand for again? I’m assuming DTC is "drive train code…"
I believe the mechanic said that a code (maybe C0035) was also coming up for both front ABS sensors failing again, but since they are new he was thinking the more significant code (and likely the root of the problem) was C0281. Is the two wheel speed sensor easy to access/check?

DRP= Dynamic rear proportioning, it is part of the operating software in the EBCM.

The front wheel speed sensors are part of the hub assemblies so you may have a warranty claim. You need to determine if the problem is in the vehicle wiring harness, the connectors or the hub/sensors.

Where did you get the hub assemblies from?

Have mechanic pull out the sensor wire from the conduit. The wires just break easily. Apparently, GM wrap the wires with hard tape that is not flexible, and the wires are just too short for the maneuvering of the wheels. Over time, it will get broken inside. Cut the wire and put an extra 3 inches of wire on it.

I got the right front hub assembly from PartsGeek online. The mechanic bought the left through (I think) the local Napa store. The first “clip connection” points between both hubs and the wiring coming from the vehicle seem good (no corrosion, tight fit, solid wiring insulation)…

Apparently the wires break in the conduit underneath the tape. It’s something to check.

Ok - great. I’ll start there. This van was sitting unused for a while and already had some wiring problems I had to hunt down, so hopefully that’s the issue…