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Help! Car won't start and the battery is fine(i think)


I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with approx 155,000 miles on it(I don’t know if that matters). The car started ok at first. When I put it into reverse, I noticed that it was really hard to move the gear shift(which it’s normally really easy). I put it back in park and let it sit for a minute thinking it just had to warm up a bit more. When I tried it again, it was still hard to shift, but this time when it got into gear I heard a loud clunk. This scared me, so I put it back in park and turned off the car. Now it won’t start. All of my lights(headlights, dashboard lights, radio) come on, but the engine won’t turn over.

I don’t know if any of the following is relevant but I’m putting it out here anyway just in case it is:
The battery is only a year old(and since all my lights came on, I don’t think it’s dead)
I had an oil change on Saturday
The belts were replaced a few months ago
My check engine light is on because of an O2 sensor

could it be worth fixing or is it time for me to get a new car???

sounds like the shifter cable is binding. try putting the shifter in different postions and try to start it again. far as is it time for a new car that up to you and youre house hold buget. i’m also thinking the shifter may be on the way out.

Guess Suggestion
Another Possibility Exists. Hyundai Has A Technical Service Bulletin That Applies To Checking The Operation Of The TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) Operation If One Of Two Conditions Are Present:

  • Torque converter clutch does not engage when driving at steady speed on the highway
  • or
  • Engine stalls when coming to a stop or when shifting into Drive or Reverse

It could be a problem with the TCC or something controlling it.


Guess Suggestions 2 & 3
2- Improperly Funtioning Input And/Or Output Speed Sensor(s)
3- Obtain DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

You state that “My check engine light is on because of an O2 sensor” . However, it also could be on for other code(s) simultaneously. That’s why one shouldn’t drive around with the CEL illuminated all the time. It can mask other new problems.

Hyundai has another TSB for Auto Trans DTCs and some of them pertain to speed sensors and
" ‘Check Engine’ light on "


" Harsh P-R or P-D engagement shock "

If the car was taken to an auto parts store that reads DTCs for free in the parking lot or if you bought an inexpensive code reader (50 bucks) or you know somebody who’s got one then maybe you’d find codes other than O2 sensor.


The problem might be with the transaxle position sensor binding. The position sensor is mounted on top of the transaxle with the shift cable attached to it. What this sensor does is, informs the computer what gear the transaxle is in, switches on the back-up lights when the transaxle is placed into reverse, and prevents the engine from starting unless the transaxle is in either park or neutral.

If you want to gain access to this sensor to determine if this causing the problem remove the air filter housing assembly.


I did have the car taken to an auto parts store that reads the DTCs, and the o2 sensor was the only code that came up.