Hyundai Elantra needs 6 turns of the key to start the car

We have a 2007 Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Elantra that overall we’re quite happy with. Several weeks ago, the engine light came on, and after a nightmarish week (the shop put in a faulty O2 sensor, although we didn’t know it at the time - the engine light just kept coming back on. Took it to dealer, who I prefer not to go to – it’s far, for one thing – and they said the O2 sensor was faulty. Dealer replaced it, got my money back from the shop, and no more engine light). HOWEVER, the exact same day that the engine light came on for the very first time, it took me several tries to turn on the car. This happens sporadically, and it’s taken up to 6 tries to start the car. (No stalling, though). My wife has had no problems at all with her key, although she drives the car somewhat less than I do, but not by much. She thinks it might have something to do with my key. I think it’s related to the O2 sensor, although that issue is now fixed (I hope) and I’m still having trouble starting the car. Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!

I think you may have a gas pump issue. try leaving the key in the run position at least 10 seconds before starting. that will give the fuel system time to pressurize. f that works bad backflow preventer, usually in the fuel pump issue.

Thanks - we took it to a shop and the guy, indeed, said we needed a new gas pump ($300). The car has 40,000 miles on it - seems like too few miles to warrant a new gas pump. ??


Does that car have any “certified pre-owned” warranty?

When you say it takes 6 tries turning the key, do you mean it cranks fine, but fails to catch and start? Or it doesn’t even crank?

Well, that was my original post and now the car starts fine, but the engine light is back on! Any suggestions?

Each time the engine light went on, my daughter’s i-Phone charger had been just plugged into the cigarette lighter–any connection between the two events?

Get the codes read at a local parts store and report what they are. I would not think the charger would cause a problem, but not letting her do it and see if it happens again.