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Hyundai starter problem

I have a '98 Hyundai Elantra, manual transmision. When you push in the clutch and turn the key, nothing happens. The lights on the dash come on, but not so much as a click from the motor. All of the clutch components were just replaced. I’ve been driving the car for 2 weeks since that repair and there were no signs of any other problems. It just will not start now. The battery and alternator have been tested and are fine. My dad suggested that there could be something wrong other than the starter, or that it could be a connection somewhere. Is anyone familiar enough with this car or this problem to know what can be checked in addition to the starter?

Remove/clean and replace both battery cables (at battery AND starter) wrench tight and also clean the ground wire connection.

Check the engine to chassis ground is clean and tight also.

You said "all of the clutch components have been replaced ". This car should have a switch that prevents the car from starting unless the clutch is depressed. This may have been knocked out of adjustment or a wire knocked off during clutch work. Whoever did the clutch job should be able to fix this.