2004 Toyota Yaris with squeaky brakes

I’ve had my brake pads changed 3 times in less than 1 year and my brakes are still squeaking when I apply the brake

Squeaking brakes does not mean the brakes are worn out and need replacing. Why did you replace the brakes 3 times in a year? How many miles do you drive in a year? What kind of traffic?
Your choice to change because of squeaks? Mechanics recommendation because they were worn out? Did you go to the same shop all 3 times? Or do it yourself all 3 times? Help us out a bit by answering the questions I posted so we can help you.


I drive around 5000 miles annually… No the first time I needed new brake pads so kwik fit fitted them. Then the brakes started squeaking so I went back to them and they said it could be the brand of pads, so they changed it for free. Then the brakes started to squeak again and grind. I went to another garage they said could be cheap brake pads so they fitted new one, but it’s still squeaking when I apply the brakes. So know I’m at a lost