HELP 99 Honda Accord

I have a 99 Honda Accord 4cyl. I am having a problem with not starting from time to time.some days it is fine and will start every time others it might not,It will turn over, fuel pump is running, replaced main/fuel relay, check engine light does not come on and green key light is not on or blink when it dont start. I can leave it for awhile come back and it starts, Any ideas???

I have replaced ignition switch Dealer said mine was not under recall

I guess no one has an answer, you all just as stumped as I am

“… green key light is not on or blink when it dont start.”

Is there a control module that could be failing (when in doubt, blame a computer)?

The next time the engine won’t start, take a can of starting fluid and give shot in the throttle and then try starting the engine. If the engine fires up and then dies it’s a fuel issue. If the engine doesn’t start at all, then it’s an ignition issue.


still wont start. i have tried

You are not giving us anywhere close to sufficient information to help you.

You say it doesn’t start. You don’t say what it DOES do when it doesn’t start. Does the engine crank? Do any lights come on? Help us help you.

it turns over timming belt is not broke and is in check engine light no little green key light other lights come on in the instrument panel radio works fuel pump runs. head lights come on when i turn them on. when it runs it runs fine just dont shut it off it will more than likely not start up for a while. it does not matter if it is in the morning, straight up noon, or 6pm not sure on spark or injector pulse cause when it wont start i dont have noid light or spark tester with me or im by my self.does that help???

If I interpret your last post correctly, it usually fails to start when it is warm or has just been shut down. It always starts when cold.

When it fails to start, push the gas pedal to the floor and hold it for 30 seconds, then without letting up, turn the key to start. See if it starts then. If it does, you may have a leaking fuel injector or faulty fuel pressure regulator.

just walked home cuase car did not start…held pedal to floor like suggested with no change.

If you can get a noid light, and check to see if an injector is getting a pulse signal when trying to start the engine, it could tell you what’s wrong.

If the noid light doesn’t flash while starting the engine then the problem is with Crankshaft/Top-Dead-Center position sensor.

If the computer doesn’t see a signal from the crankshaft position sensor when trying to start the engine, the computer see’s no reason to operate the injectors or the ignition system.


i will try that and let you know