Fuel Related Problems

I have a 99 Honda Accord with v6. The car wont start. I spray starter fluid in throttle body it starts right up. I have revently replaced fuel pump, relay, have checked injectors for fire. Any ideas?

The fuel pressure regulator should be next on your list.

What about the fuel filter?

A temperature sender not telling the computer it’s cold and to richen up the mixture

There is no filter on the car…I searched up and down…just on the pump itself

I have tryed cupping my hand over throttle body to restrict air flow and it seems to respond alittle better then open…would that be any signs of pressure reg?

I’d take it in and have the whole fuel system checked out. Whatever you do, get rid of the starter fluid. The potential for valve damage is high.

I’d go back and check every single fuse. The fuel pump is controlled by the main relay which is also controlled by the ignition switch. The relay is also controlled by the ECM or engine computer.

The main relay is powered through 3 different fuses (don’t remember the numbers off the top of my head) and in my opinion, whenever an elec. problem exists you should take a test light and check every single fuse on the car.

Both main relays and ignition switches are a common problem on these cars but before replacing those I would check the fuses as many times these problems are like a line of dominos. One causes the entire string to fall.
Failing fuel pump over time can burn the main relay points and at some point can pop a fuse due to the long time pump problem. Replace the pump and other dominos in the line are still tipped over. See my point?

I have replaced every relay. I have used a test light on the injectors, hot wire is hot, and while cranking the ground flickers. Telling me it is getting proper signal from ECU. When I turn the key on the fuel pump kicks on for 2-3 seconds and then shuts off…I crank the car over, and it fires right away, but doesnt completely start. I pulled the fuel pump out of car and it doesnt appear the screen is clogged. The pump is only 2 months old. I also removed pressure regulator and when i took it off the rail is getting fuel.

I mentioned checking the fuses but you state you replaced every relay. They’re not one and the same.

You might consider the possibility of a failed ignition switch, which can certainly cause a problem like this.
You would need to probe the wires at the back of the switch and make sure that the wire providing power to the ignition is hot when the key is in both the RUN and the START position.
(I don’t remember the wire colors but you can find this on a wiring diagram; possibly on the AutoZone repair site which does have a few schematics.)

For what it’s worth, your car is under a Recall for the switch and this means it’s a free repair if the Recall has not been performed. The problem of course would be getting it to the Honda dealer for the repair because if the switch was not the problem then you would have a car at the dealer awaiting a decision from you about what to do with it.

I don’t know if you purchased the switch and if this fixed the car whether or not they would reimburse you for the cost of the switch or fudge a claim or not. That’s very (VERY) iffy territory when it comes to the Feds.

And why haven’t you checked the fuel pressure? You can get an adapter for the fuel pressure tester hose online (Internet). A pressure off by 5 psi can cause a no-start.
If a temperature sensor is off, it can throw fuel flow off—resulting in a poor start. Check the intake air control valve. The procdures are in the repair manual.

Thank you for all your suggestions and diagnosis. Though I had changed the fuel pump, After all the test I did I again replaced the fuel pump, must have been a faulty pump. The 2nd fuel pump, after i installed it the car started righht up. Then I was having a problem with it shutting off after starting. Ended up being the ignition switch. Once I replaced the two the car runs pretty good. Now my next problem is the idle. It goes high to low high to low. I think its an idle control but havent got that far with it yet. I was able to get my wiring diagrams through all data. Since I have access to it at work. I am fixing this car for a girl who just wants to keep it on the road. She is dumping tons of money and it seems like everytime I get one thing fixed another occurs.