HELP! 2011 Subaru Impreza VS 2014 Jeep Patriot

In February I purchased a 2011 Subaru Impreza, 4 door sport with 26k miles, for 16,999.

Now 3 months later I have pilled on over 10k miles due to work, and constantly feel cramped with no space because I load so much into my car for my job (promotions and sales).

Recently, I have come across a 2014 Jeep Patriot sport with 15k miles for 19,600. The car seems to be in good condition inside and out.

Now I know nothing about Jeeps or cars as a whole really. But I do know that aside from size I love my Subaru.

What are your thoughts about switching from the 2011 Subaru Impreza to a 2014 Jeep Patriot?

Key features:
-I drive a ton
-Car is always loaded with stuff
-Live in New England
-Feul economy isnt a huge concern
-Subaru has over 36k miles
-Jeep has 15k miles
-In three months I have put over 10k on due to work

Stay with the Subaru or move to the jeep? Help.

The Patriot is a junky car, and is probably inferior to your car in every possible way. I’m not sure if it has much more space than the Jeep Compass (same car basically), but it’s still a smaller car than most Suv’s. I find if I want to carry anything large in my compass, I can’t have any passengers. The engine is recalcitrant, the transmission is flakey, and the suspension keeps wearing out. Keep the Subaru. I wish I had bought one.

$20k for a used Patriot? No way. Not a good vehicle, either. Do you have to have AWD? Do you use winter tires? I’d look at a new Scion xB plus a set of winter tires on rims, HUGE amount of room, and winter tires should let you handle just about anything.

If you must have AWD, I’d look for a 2012 or newer Forester.

I would pass on the Patriot as well and I’m a fan of Jeeps…some models anyway.

Subaru forester would be a good choice. $20k new.

I’d be surprised if one could get a new Forester for $20k. They sticker at $24k for the base model with an AT, and they’re in high demand.

What about the toyota ravs or honda crvs?

You couldn’t go wrong with a Rav-4, a CR-V, or a Forester.

Driving that many miles I would only consider new with roadside assistance. Do you really need AWD ?

AWD or 4Wheel is a must. Also looking at a 2012 Chevy Equinox. Can’t afford brand new. However I do have AAA so thats always a help. Thoughts on the equinox?

I did airfreight courier service for several years and decent tires on a front wheel drive vehicle served me just fine. There are plenty of vehicles for less than 25000 and the finance rates are always better for new over used. Go to the build your own feature at the manufactures web sites and you may even decide on something you had not thought of.

Thank you all. Thinking I’m going to hang with my '11 Subaru Impreza for now afterall. Though I am still itching for something bigger I need to consider the gem of a Subaru I currently own. Two tiny rust spots on the roof to fix and she will be good as new! Ill just continue to be a bit cramped with all my work things for now. Again, thank you for all the input. Loads to continue to think about!

The Equinox will cost a few hundred more for repairs over the next 5 years than the CR-V. It will cost about $700 more than the Honda for maintenance. If the Equinox costs more than $1000 less to buy than the Honda, it could be a good buy. If you do decide to buy another vehicle, make sure you get a prepurchase inspection from a mechanic you trust. There is no need to rush into this. Look patiently until you find something in excellent condition for a good price. If you decide to keep the Subie long term, that’s great too.

While you say you can’t afford new, you’re looking at a $20k Jeep.
Edmunds shows a 2015 Impreza hatchback is about $19k

Since you’re current ride is the sedan, it’s no wonder you’re feeling cramped in there. a hatchback would be a better fit. If you could, why not take your sales/promo material with you when you go shopping for a new vehicle. This way you can see how cramped you might feel with all your stuff while you’re on a test drive

I just reread the original post . OP states fuel economy is not a factor . At 40000 miles a year it should be. Also a Five year loan on 25000.00 new is only about 80.00 a month more than a Five year loan on a 20000.00 used car. New with no miles and at least 3 years warranty seems like the better choice considering the OP’s job depends on the vehicle.

If you are driving in excess of 30000 miles a year, brand new is cheaper than used. If you have not realized that yet you are way underestimating what it costs to drive that many miles a year.

Do you have a car allowance for work?

I do indeed, 80 gallons/month which has been fairly adequate for my Subaru Impreza.

@Roza - I think you’re wise to keep the Impreza, just stay 100% up do date on the maintenance, Subarus have specific needs. Change the coolant as specified, with Subaru coolant, change the the transaxle and differential fluids using the exact fluids specified.

As for it being cramped, have you looked into various storage systems that might help? Did wonders for my garage.