2012 Patriot or Compass - should I buy even though they are being discontinued by Fiat?

I have a 2003 Subaru Forester and want to get a new car. I need a small SUV reasonably priced with good maint. record. The Patriot and Compass look good to me, but I hear they are being discontinued. Is it wise to purchase something that will soon go away?

Parts will be available for years, so that isn’t a concern. Make sure you really like these cars, they were not big sellers. Go for a good long test drive.

No worry on parts, but neither one does much for me, and they’re average on reliability, no better. No way to swing a new Forester?

I’ll only add that when a vehicle disappears it often causes the depreciation rate to accelerate. When the time again comes to trade, you may have to take a “hit”.

If Fiat makes them, you are guaranteed to take a hit…But SOMEBODY has to buy them…

I have never driven one, but these vehicles have some of the worst ratings in the entire industry. Check out Consumer Reports, Cars.com, Intellichoice, etc. They are on all of the “10 Worst” lists. FWIW.

Why not keep the Forester? It is a MUCH better vehicle than anything Jeep ever made.

Thanks folks. I really appreciate the information. I WAS thinking of getting another Subaru but really wanted to do my bit and get an American car. However, I don’t see one that will suit me. The next thing I have to do is get into Consumer Reports and do more research. THANKS

The notion that you can associate a car or car company with a country/nation-state is a slippery one. If you go for a Jeep over a Subaru you might find out you bought a vehicle that was assembled in Mexico over one that was assembled in Indiana. As for all the rest of it - parts, design, marketing, etc. - forget it. That’s even more of a loopy ride through the global economy.

You can at least find out where various models are assembled before you buy though (if you continue to care). I believe that all Subaru legacy line cars sold in the US (so including the Outback) are assembled in Indiana.

I’d just find a car that meets your needs and go with it.