Help-2002 Buick Rendezvous CX-Costly repairs!



The car needs a new Condenser, A/C Compressor, Intake Manifold Gasket and a few other more minor repairs which will total more than $3,000 according to the dealer. Not to mention the tires will need replaced very shortly as well as the brakes. I own the car outright and if I wasn’t getting ready to move to Tucson I would go without the a/c. My question is should I sell or put up the $ for repairs. I don’t have a lot of cash flow and am worried that once I repair the above, I will run into more problems shortly. The car has just over 80,000 mi.


Do you have a friend that can refer you to a private mechanic, or have you got a second opinion from an authorized AC place? If not, you may save some bucks it might be worth it. Providing they come recommended from some one you trust. Just a thought.


What are the symptoms on the A/C problem? 80k is a bit young for a condenser failure (unless accident caused) and the compressor diagnosis could be questionable.

Any symptoms on this intake gasket problem?

Tires and brakes are a non-issue at this point as that is not necessarily a car problem; just normal wear and tear.


I 2nd the 2nd opinion from an independent mechanic. Find a trusty one.