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Is this worth buying?

What do you think? With 77,000 miles on this car do you think anything else might go wrong and what do think it might cost to get those things fixed?


If you are considering this pay($100) an independent mechanic versed in Saab to check it over and give you the run down on it. Take the price of repairs - good condition- hassle factor and make a bid on it.

No AC in Raleigh sounds absolutely brutal IMHO. I think this may be a deal breaker for many in your area.

I think it is worth it at that price as long as you are willing to sink the additional $2000 (estimated) into repairs. Hopefully you actually want a 1999 Saab convertible.

It’s a 9 year old used car. An inspection should be done just to make sure those repairs listed are the only repairs that are needed.

They’re neat cars and fun to drive you bet, but can be pricy to repair depending on the problem.
Most maintenance and wear/tear repair costs are about the same as any other car, but any specialty stuff could run the bill up.

The only major repair cost, possibly, could be the A/C.
Considering the car is 9 years old, the compressor shaft seal has probably gone south. If the compressor is not noisy then the seal could probably be replaced without buying a new compressor.

I have a 1999 Saab and ac does not work-do you mean to tell me that there is the possibility that it could be some seal that once replaced might fix my ac and I wont have to buy a compressor? Can a mechanic be able to tell this pretty easily?