Help 1987 mazda 626 coupe 2.0 will not stay started

Please help, my car has been in the shop for two weeks! My 1987 mazda 626 died at a stop light two weeks ago. The mechanic said it was the fuel pump, so I had it replaced. Now it will start, but when the clutch gets depressed to put in into gear to drive it blows a fuse and will not restart, then you put a new fuse in and it will start right up and idle great but agin if you put the clutch in to try and drive it will die. The new fuel pump also humms really loud and the origional did not! Thanks in advance for helpful answers.

There are lots of fuses. Which fuse is blowing?

I believe the mechanic said it was the fuel pump fuse which then leads to the computer or something of that nature.

There are a lot of things that “should” be done to the 87 2.0. You “should” consider a newer vehicle. The clutch linkage could be scraping the wiring somewhere. Somewhere else, you could have wires worn down or fused together. The fuel pump should not hum. A ground wire may be really rusted.