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Mazda 626 dies then won't start

My well cared for '93 626 recently started dying at slow speed (like pulling away from the fast-food window). Then it won’t start again. First two times this happened it started when I came back after a little while. Now, it won’t start at all. Don’t know if it’s related, but about a month again the 15 amp fuse that runs the radio, power antenna, and power mirrors blew. Replaced it and it blew again a week later. Replaced it again. Now it blows immediately. Any suggestions?

I don’t think they are related, but you have a short in that system, don’t keep replacing the fuse, fix the problem, or you may have a bigger problem.

Does it do this stall thing when it is hot? How is the general maintenance on the car? Are the usual things like filters, oil changes, plugs and wires etc. up to date?

You could read my post “Car suddenly dies while driving”. I have a Mazda 1991 Protege. It could be the same problem. I have not been able to fix mine yet, and the Mazda dealer was not really helpful. They did not see any code. They drove it for 30 minutes and the car did not die. So they could not diagnose the problem and they did not try to investigate any further. I tried to search on the internet and ask around, but I have had so many different opinions. If you solve your problem, please post it. It might be helpful. Thanks

I had it towed to a garage to address the short and the starting problem. My hope is that the short was causing a lack of juice to the fuel pump and causing it to not function properly, so fixing that will cure the bigger problem. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll post if I get any news from the mechanic.

General maintenance on the car has been excellent. I bought it new and have been very meticulous about it’s maintenance. I love this car (gets 39 mpg highway with plenty power still, even going over mountain passes between Denver and Western Colorado.) I’ve had no other problems with it, other than outgrowing it (now have a kid and a big dog.) Just can’t bring myself to part with it for an SUV. Ick.

The problem was fixed. Turned out to be the “Distributor Assembly”. parts no longer available from manufacture so, had to go aftermarket. Pretty pricy at over $600. But (knock, knock) it seems to have fixed the problem and I’ve not had any problem since. They resolved the 15 amp fuse blowing out by disconnecting the power antenna (I didn’t say fixed, is said “resolved”).