Help! 195 instead of 185/75 R14 tires?


I plan to buy 4 new tires for 96 Olds Cutlass Ciera. The original size is 185 75 14, but they are very hard to find. I was recommended to get 195 75 R14 instead. What do you think? Will I have any problems like transmission? Or, will the tires look too big for the car? or any other problems you might know of. thanks

Sarah lists 8 different models in that size. has a great size comparitor calculator.

You won’t have tranny problems. Your speedo and odometer will read slightly lower…but they’re usually a bit high anyway. The tire will be 10mm wider with a diameter 11mm larger and a circumference 34.5576mm larger. The diameter of a 195x70, however, will only be 2.25mm different (smaller).

Visit the suggested website.

Agree; I don’t believe it is anything to worry about. However, if you drive for your compny and get paid mileage, you will be short-changing yourself by a small percentage.

Thanks for your response. Carbibles site is excellent. And, I do see what you mean by the difference bet. my original size and 195 70 14 is smaller than 195 75 14…but will the 195 70 14 fit a 1996 Cutlass Ciera?
Tirerack seems to be a good place for more automotively oriented people, I am thinking of getting the tires at Costco. They are Michelin X Radial DT. What do you think? They sell them for $82 each and will have $60 off of 4 tires in January.
I wonder why a mechanic at a gas station told me that I’d have transmission problems :frowning:

Info I found shows that 195/75R14 is an OEM option, so it is OK to purchase them. That is also why Costco recommended the larger size. There should be no problems of any kind in installing and using the X-Radial in that size.

It should. 10mm section width difference isn’t much. Your wheel wells ahould have plenty of clearance and any given width rim will fit a variety of tire widths.

I just noticed Jay’s post about the 195/75’s being an optional OEM size. While I’d be personally inclined to go with the 70 aspect ratio 'cause of the teeny tiny handling difference (boy, am I FUSSY!) the 195/75’s should also be a great choice.