Can I use a different size tire for my car?

I have a 2015 Toyota Prius C and it it comes with a tire sized 175/65R15. A few different websites I checked recommended 195/65R15 for my car. I’m noticing some of the tires of that size are cheaper too. I’m wondering if I can go with that size or would this cause issues?

The only website I’d rely on for the answer to that question is .

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Open the drivers door, and look for the placard with the tire information for the vehicle.

This reflects the proper tire sizes, along with the proper tire pressure(s) for the vehicle.


I’m well aware of what the recommended tire size for the car is. I’m wondering if there’d be issues if I don’t go with a slightly different tire size

That tire is larger in diameter than the factory size. Your speedometer will read low possibly getting you a speeding ticket. It will rob a very small amount of performance and you will lose a bit of fuel economy with the wider tire. It might rub when turned all the way to the stops.


Yes there are issues. Miscalibrated speedometer and potential rubbing tires, to start. And if they’re not low rolling resistance designs mileage will suffer.


Why would you want use a different size tire than OEM?

Sams Club has Hankook 175/65R15 for about 70.00 each . Not going to find tires much less than that . I have Hankook on one vehicle and will consider the brand again .
Or if you are really cheap Douglas at Wally World.

You have to be very careful because the Prius C is different than the Prius - Tire Guides saying that the Prius takes the 195/65R15, where the Prius C takes the 175/65R15. I looked at both Tire Rack’s and Discount Tire’s websites and they both show that difference, so I don’t know where you are looking, but they have it wrong.

And as has been mentioned, there is a vehicle tire placard on the car’s doorframe - and using a tire physically larger than that not only makes the speedometer reading wrong, but the tire could rub - very bad!

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@Zaki_Aziz, are you sure that they are not recommending a 195/60R15 instead of the 195/65R15. The 60 series tire is a lot closer to the tire diameter of the OEM tire, but being wider, it will reduce your gas mileage some due to higher rolling resistance, but will grip the road (dry road) better. It will only cause a small difference in the speedometer.

Hi @keith I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see on walmart’s website:

My exact make and model: 2015 Toyota Prius C (Body: hatchback Trim: Four)

They’re wrong.

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195/65R15 is a fairly common size

175/65R15 is not

I suspect Walmart is saying to go with 195/65R15 because they have lots of those in stock right now, whereas they probably don’t have any of the correct size for your vehicle

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Per SimpleTire, Prius C of that vintage came with two OEM sizes:

Check your door label for the correct one to be used.

From what I see, decent R15 tires of that size start at around $65

In addition, if you are so determined to go to 195 width, check this:

As long as 195/60R15 is used, it is under 1% error in speedometer readings.

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@thegreendrag0n I’m not that determined to go with 195/65R15. I’m just curious what the implications are and if I can afford to save a few bucks here and there. Just doing my research.

The picture you’ve posted there shows that 195/65R15 tires are 7.7" wide but the 175/65R15 is 6.9" wide. Just on those dimensions would the 175/65R15 tires not fit on the wheel I have on the car right now?

I thought people buy vehicles like a Prius for the fuel economy so why would they not use the size tire that is listed on the vehicle plaque . And unless they have to drive in snow a lot then also look for LRR tires ( Low Rolling Resistance ).

I did not see in the thread above if you happen to tell us what tires you have on your wheels now and what your door placard tells.

I’m sure you meant 195/60R15. Since the 195/50R16 has the same tire width at its widest point and slightly wider tread is an optional tire for your vehicle, the 195/60R15 would have no trouble fitting. BTW, don’t trust Walmart for tire information, it is not their primary business. Any tire store or online tire stores like will be far more accurate because tires are their primary business.

@keith Whoops sorry I meant to say 195/65R15. I don’t think I mentioned anything about a 195/50R16 :man_shrugging: